The Iron Writer: Poetry Edition

Yes, it’s true: The Iron Writer has started a poetry competition!

The first round started off simply enough with haiku.

Here’s what I wrote, based on the theme “bake“:

fuzzy head, coffee,
scent of bread rising, morning
melting like butter

And yes, this is more of a senryu than a haiku, since my poem isn’t expressly about nature. But, then again, neither was the theme.

Last week’s challenge was to write a limerick.

Now, the stereotypical limerick about a man from Nantucket has been expressly banned, due to its naughty language, so here’s what I wrote instead:

San Diego Spice

There once was a dude named Diego
Who ate a burrito muy fuego
The chiles they burned
While his stomach it churned
’Til he finally yelled “hasta luego!”

Yes, my Spanish is reprehensible, and for that I apologize. To make up for it (or to make enemies in even more countries), here’s a terrible bilingual poem in Quebecois French as well!

Québécois Cuss

There once was a cat named Clique-Claque
Who enjoyed hunting mice in the back
She’d pretend to play dead
And then bring them to bed
Where her owner would scream “Tabarnacle!”

Of course, after I mailed in my first limerick, the Iron Poet wrote back to remind me that this week’s theme was “hump” – which I hadn’t used at all!

So I wrote this one instead:

Wednesday Woes

’Twas Wednesday, the Happy Hump Day
a time usually labeled as gay
Jill and Jane both slept through
all the hullabaloo
missing this week’s chance to play!

The limerick form really does lend itself to swearing and silliness, so I think I may end up writing more of these in the future.

Have you ever written a limerick?

Care to share? I promise I won’t mind if you cuss.

P.S. Feel free to vote for your favorites from this week’s crop of limericks at the Iron Poet!