Uncovering Chicago’s underground #AtoZChallenge

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As in years past, this month I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. 2016 marks my fifth anniversary, so to celebrate, I’m hosting Friday Blog-Ins here in San Diego; you can find out more info about where we’re meeting each week on my A to Z Challenge page.

My monthly theme is Chicago From A to Z, so stay tuned from Monday to Saturday for new posts on the Windy City. Or sign up for my mailing list (delivered weekly, on Fridays) so you don’t miss a thing!


What’s underground in Chicago?

Some of these are physically underground, while other are more a state of mind…

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  • Chicago Underground Collective – a series of musical duos that consists of rotating personnel; this link goes to the fifth album, Boca Negra, by Chad Taylor and Rob Mazurek
  • Chicago Underground Film Festival (June 1-5, 2016) – the longest running underground film festival in the world (founded in 1993), showcasing independent, experimental and documentary films
  • Chicago Underground Comedy – from their website: “this alt-comedy haven revels in its reputation as a comic’s playground, and has no regrets for any of the silly goofs, wacky antics, or plain-old tomfoolery it may have gotten into after a few drinks over the years”
  • Choose Chicago – Underground Chicago: The Layers of Our City
  • Underground – a bar on the Near North Side, open from 10 PM to 4 AM, Wednesdays through Sundays (open ’til 5 AM on Saturdays)


Like its neighbor to the north, Montreal, Chicago also has an Underground City of sorts. They call it the Pedway, and it’s actually more of an underground walkway than a full-fledged city, but it’s a good start, especially during those frosty Midwestern winters!

"2013 Chicago Architecture Tour" image by Flickr user Hsin-Cheng Lin
“2013 Chicago Architecture Tour” image by Flickr user
Hsin-Cheng Lin
"The Ominous Pedway" image by Flickr user Justin Escamilla
“The Ominous Pedway” image by Flickr user
Justin Escamilla
"Victorian Stained Glass" image by Flickr user Ann Fisher
“Victorian Stained Glass” image by Flickr user Ann Fisher

Prince songs that start with U

In continued tribute to Prince, your video of the day is Uptown.

Uptown: it’s where I wanna be
Uptown: set your mind free
Uptown: get my body hot
Get down – I don’t wanna stop

What about U?

Have you ever explored any underground cities or sights?

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