Time-out: A tribute to Prince #AtoZChallenge

Sorry, folks, but today I must interrupt our regularly scheduled A to Z Challenge posts in order to call attention to a tremendous and terrible recent event:

The death of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Prince was clearly an icon that meant a lot to many people, including my husband, who considers himself a huge Prince fan. He’s told me many times about how Prince got him through his youth, with his funky beats and unorthodox sexuality. Like David Bowie, Prince showed the world that it’s okay to be different – indeed, that we should embrace our differences, and celebrate them – and that men can have legit alternatives to being “manly” (read: Neanderthal) when it comes to life, ladies and interacting with the universe at large.

Who doesn’t remember Prince’s days as “The Artist Formerly Known As…”? Prince was one of the first corporate musicians to rebel against that form of slavery.

And let’s not forget his unforgettably lusty lyrics.

To tantalize you further, here are some terrific Prince songs that start with T…

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  • The Most Beautiful Girl in the World:

  • Thieves in the Temple
  • The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
  • Take Me With U
  • The Arms of Orion
  • The Morning Papers
  • The Greatest Romance Ever Sold:


And, proving he was never anything but the consummate professional, as well as a true artist, Prince performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl in the fucking rain:

Additional Resources for the Grieving Prince Fan

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Tell me, Darling Nikki…

What’s your favorite Prince song?

One Comment

  • JazzFeathers

    I was shocked to learn it. It was so unexpected.
    I’ve always been a Michael Jackson fan rather then a Prince fan, but I liked him a lot nonetheless, espeically when I was a kid.
    What sad year for us 1980s kids…