Presentation Sensation: writing goals, week 15

It’s that time of the week again: time for another 365K Club word count check-in! Numbers, please…

April 9, Day 100: 205 words

April 10, Day 101: 458 words

April 11, Day 102: 1,209 words

April 12, Day 103: 586 words

April 13, Day 104: 323 words

April 14, Day 105: 796 words

April 15, Day 106: 1,344 words

That’s a grand total of 4,921 words for the week, 8,464 for the month, and a total of 60,544 words this year!

Did I beat last week’s total?

Last week I wrote 3,109 words, so this week’s total crushed it by 1,812 words. Woohoo!


I think I won a badge this week, but darned if I can find it, now that I’m typing up this post. Therefore, I am going to make up my own badge for the week, the “Presentation Sensation” badge:


This badge is for the presentation I made at Friday’s San Diego chapter meeting of the Nonfiction Authors Association, on the subject of Writing Challenges. And yes, I did mention the 365K Club as one of the challenges I’m participating in, so it actually makes sense, and I’m not just being a totally self-indulgent jerk. Right? (Okay, maybe a little. But if I don’t pat myself on the back sometimes, who the heck will?)

AHA! I found it, after searching through some of the events. This week I earned the “Following the Yellow Brick Road” badge for hitting the halfway point to 100K:

following the yellow brick road

Pretty sweet, especially since I’m not in Kansas anymore (which is the 1/4-way badge).

Goals for next week?

My main goals for next week are to keep writing my A to Z Challenge posts (trying to stay at least a day ahead), and to start working on a top secret project that one of my new accountability group partners recommended. Stay tuned for details as events progress!

Want to track YOUR words?


In an effort to spread the helpful message of 365K Club’s daily word tracking, I’ve created my own Buttontapper Word Tracker. Want a free copy? Just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive a link to download it ASAP.