1 day left ’til the #AtoZChallenge begins!

OMG, I’m so excited about this year’s A to Z Challenge! I feel like a kid awaiting Christmas Day the night before, filled with anticipation and just a teeeeeensy bit of dread.

You see, I decided to set up some Blog-Ins this year. I’ve never hosted a Blog-In before, though, so I’m nervous about how many people will actually show up.

Currently, the official Meetup tally says just four people are planning to come. Which is actually good, because I’m rather worried about what will happen if too many more show up unannounced.

The venue is a fairly decent sized restaurant, but since the weather has been unseasonably cool (and occasionally rainy), I was thinking we might want to try to snag the back room if we can, instead of grabbing all the outdoor tables. I don’t want to monopolize the space for paying customers, but I do kind of figure that restaurants experience a bit of a lull from 3 to 5 PM…

Actually, here’s something else I just thought of: I don’t think this place has wifi!!!!!

I wonder if anyone has a hotspot I can borrow?

Oh, the joys of flying by the seat of your pants on the A to Z Challenge!


If you’re in the San Diego area and would like to join us for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge Kickoff Party & Blog-In tomorrow (April 1), click here for full event details – and please RSVP so I know approximately how many bloggers to expect.

See you there!