February’s almost over already?! (writing goals, week 8)

It’s the end of Week 8, and time for another installment of my 365K Club roundup posts. Word counts, please!

February 20, Day 51: 320 words

February 21, Day 52: 628 words

February 22, Day 53: 517 words

February 23, Day 54: 433 words

February 24, Day 55: 419 words

February 25, Day 56: 1,228 words

February 26, Day 57: 943 words

That’s a grand total of 4,488 words for the week and 30,288 words for the year so far!

Did I beat last week’s total?

I did! Last week’s total of 3,842 was smashed effortlessly this week, thanks to several new ideas I had for my nonfiction writing. Stay tuned for a sneak peek from my newest book soon.

Goals for next week?

Keep on working on my new nonfiction book, which kicked off this week with a solid 1,228 words. And keep on working on my Venus prequel!