Stephanie Chandler on monetizing your book marketing to make more money

Did you know that the Nonfiction Authors Association offers two free monthly teleseminars to help members learn more about writing, publishing and marketing their books?

Well guess what? They do!

Today’s teleseminar was unique, in that the host, Stephanie Chandler, was also the special guest.

stephanie-chandlerStephanie is the founder and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association, and her topic for the day was “Monetize Your Book Marketing To Make More Money This Year.” Naturally, we could all use more money, so this was a great way to start 2016.

Some of the ideas Stephanie mentioned included ideas that the San Diego chapter has discussed in meetings past, such as building a coaching or consulting business around your book. (Andrea Susan Glass presented on this very topic, back in August 2015, and shared lots of great tips for how to do this, no matter what your specialty.) I really like this particular idea, since it can be applied in many different ways, depending on the topic of your book and your area of expertise.

As Stephanie put it, all of her tips were designed to “leverage your expertise in your subject matter to build revenue streams and step up as an authority in your field.”

Another idea I really liked was the concept of building a certification program around the content of your book. Tying into the coaching or consulting business, you could develop a way for people to become certified specialists in whatever your book is about, and those experts can then go on to build businesses of their own – or even work for you, as part of an expert team! Stephanie’s example was Jim Horan’s One Page Business Plan Certified Coach program, where you learn how to help others create their own One Page Business Plan, and coach them through the process.

Ultimately, Stephanie shared ten different ways to monetize your book marketing – all of which help build your business, create new revenue streams, and market your book in the process.

Want to learn what the other eight are?

Sign up for an Authority Membership at the Nonfiction Authors Association for access to the recording of this teleseminar! It’s just $19 a month, and if you live in San Diego – or anywhere else with a local chapter – you’ll also gain free access to our monthly meetings. (Our next meeting is this Friday, featuring Kim Keeline and Ellen Goodwin on the subjects of goal setting and blogging for authors.)