Happy New Year – let’s read!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the meme going around social media about Jolabokaflod – the Icelandic “Christmas Book Flood” – right?

Well, guess what?

I’ve decided to celebrate my own variation of this bookish revelry over New Year’s Eve instead!

Here’s my reasoning:

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  • I hate going out for New Year’s Eve
  • I love reading books
  • I really don’t want to get maimed or killed by a drunk driver (and tonight’s, unfortunately, the most likely night for such an event to occur, given the American focus on excessive overconsumption)
  • I love cuddling in bed with my husband, watching movies or reading, in general
  • And did I mention I love books?!


In case you needed any more reasons to adopt this tradition as part of your own New Year’s ritual, here’s one more: for one night only…

You can grab any and all of my ebooks FOR FREE!

Here are the codes and links to each book you’ll need:

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Happy New Year, and happy reading!