Getting into the Christmas spirit: gift swaps!

Thanks to Nonfiction November, I’ve discovered tons of new book blogs that have been rocking my world, with some of the coolest readers around.

I’ve also stumbled upon the awesome world of book and gift swaps.

As part of Nonfiction November, I signed up to directly swap books with another participating member. My swapping buddy ended up being the fantastic Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness, who sent me the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, along with some bonus super cute magnetic bookmarks. Yay!

But now I’m hooked. I can’t stop swapping!

So, I’ve signed up to participate in not one but two Christmas-themed swaps this December.

The first is The Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa, which is specifically aimed at swapping with fellow book lovers. I’ve already received the name of the book lover I’m supposed to buy for, along with her wish list, and I’m super excited to start shopping for this.

The second is the 12 Days of Christmas Swap organized by Chaotic Goddess. For this swap, members are instructed to exchange packages containing 12 individually wrapped gifts – just like the old song, but preferably with fewer farm animals. (Unless you’re into that!)


If you’re interested in joining the 12 Days of Christmas Swap, good news! There’s still time to sign up here, but you’ve got to do it by TOMORROW – that’s November 16th. Partners will be matched up right-quick for November 18th, and then the gift-giving commences with presents being mailed out by December 5th.

So get into the holiday spirit, and let’s swap!

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