10 goals for the last 10 days of October

There are only 10 days left in the month of October (yikes, how time has flown!), so I sat down and made up a list of the 10 things I’d like to accomplish before this month is officially over.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Get my library card renewed and pick up the books I reserved – this one should be fairly easy, but since I live outside of the downtown core of San Diego, it involves driving and thus needs to be done on a day when I’ve got access to the car (hence it’s actually a goal, not just another thing on the usual To Do list)
  2. Figure out what my new podcast will be about – yep, I’m going to finally take the plunge, as I’ve been inspired by Entrepreneur On Fire host John Lee Dumas’ free podcast course (HINT: it’ll probably be something to do with writing)
  3. Start writing 1,000 words per day (Monday through Friday) to get myself back into the NaNoWriMo writing groove – I’ve been cheating too long, and need to get back to the basics, which leads to…
  4. Finish my One Night in Montreal manuscript – I’ve been busy with other projects and have a few more chapters to go, so I’m aiming to finish these up before the end of the month
  5. And speaking of NaNoWriMo, I also can’t forget to pimp my latest book, A Cheater’s Guide to NaNoWriMo, during its Amazon free days (October 29 and 30th, in case you’re wondering) so it can reach its intended audience: Wrimos everywhere!
  6. My final NaNoWriMo-related goal: tighten up my outline for The Case of the Cunning Linguist, the book I’ll be finishing this November (yes, I’m cheating – sort of – because I’ll be working on a book I started during a previous NaNoWriMo!)
  7. I recently discovered Nonfiction November, and plan to participate this year, so one of my goals is to read at least one nonfiction book a week – a habit I also hope to carry on through the rest of the year
  8. In addition to my nonfiction reading, I also plan to read at least one indie author‘s (fiction) book per week – another goal that I want to carry through the rest of the year, and beyond!
  9. To add to my good literary citizen standing, I also plan to attend at least one literary reading a month, so my goal for October is to hit up Elizabeth George’s A Banquet of Consequences event at Warwick’s or Ingrid Croce’s I Got A Name free reading at the Carlsbad City Library (although, let’s be honest, a reading featuring the collection Jewish Noir also sounds like something every mensch should attend)
  10. And finally, my 10th goal for October’s final days is to finally celebrate my fucking birthday because my October 15th (i.e. the day after my birthday) paycheck was delayed, thus ruining my Birthday Weekend, and I still fully intend to get my swerve on, so look out, San Diego!!!!!!!

So, what are YOUR plans for the rest of October?

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