Trashy Tropes: What “sexy” billionaires don’t want YOU to know about income inequality

There’s a good reason I’m not a fan of the “sexy billionaire” trope that’s all too common in erotica.

Not only do I gag at the thought of female characters being little more than pawns in a rich man’s clutches, but I simply don’t find outrageous wealth to be sexy.

But my biggest problem with the sexy billionaires stories is that they’re simply a damaging myth. Far from being a turn-on, these billionaires are quite literally people have been ruining America for the past 20+ years, shifting the wealth from the middle class to their very own pockets. Their reverse Robin Hood routine is egotistical, deranged, and certainly not the type of power struggle I like to read about when I want to get frisky in the bedroom.

They are, in short, part of what I term “Trashy Tropes” – bad erotica clichés that have got to go.

Need I say more?

I’ll let Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders tell you the rest of the story about these bad-boy billionaires. Maybe then you’ll really… #FeelTheBern!

Take it away, Bernie: