Why did the writer cross the road? (Stunt Writing day 14)

It’s 2 PM and 87 degrees. The Weather Channel claims it “feels like 84!” but I call bullshit. Feels more like 97, if you ask me. Though, thankfully, there’s still a slight breeze to wick that sweat on your forehead, if you pause in the shade of some nice, big trees.

I’m still cooling off after today’s 45-minute (!!!) walk.

I’m back, baby. With a vengeance. And this time, it’s personal.

I was inspired by my Stunt Writing professor’s encouragement to “take a leap and push through to the other side.” In one of her video lectures this week, she described a friend who had just met up with a personal trainer for her first session, and felt like she was about to die. The trainer told her that was okay, because at least 10 people in the gym knew CPR and could resuscitate her if that happened.

Now, I know walking every day for 30 minutes isn’t quite that extreme, but given the extreme heat California is experiencing right now, I do feel like I need a bit of a push to keep on going with this.

So, much like the chicken of so many jokes, I decided to cross the road.


I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it myself, but when I complained to my husband that there was nowhere to walk in this stinking town, we were sitting at a stoplight and he pointed across the street and asked, “Why don’t you walk over there?”

Huh! Why didn’t I? I’m not sure, but I think it’s because I didn’t know where that road went. It looked like it just went into another apartment complex, and walking around on private property is something I try to avoid. Turns out it’s actually a road with some nicely paved sidewalks that goes on for quite a way, bending and curving, and there’s even a few more apartment complexes and such down there.

I’ll have to further explore tomorrow, to see just how far I can walk before the sidewalks end.

For now, I feel re-energized by my walk. I feel stronger. I feel good. I hit my 5,000 step count! All in the heat.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go earlier in the morning, to try and beat the heat.

For now, I’ll soak up some air conditioning, have lunch, and do a little writing.


What have you been up to today?