Haiku Noir: Stunt Writing day 10

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And now, back to your regularly scheduled daily haiku!

Since this is the very last week of my noir class, I thought I’d write some haiku about a few of my favorite noir flicks.

First up: The Big Sleep.

“go ahead and scratch,”
he says. she does. but the itch
is still there… stronger.

Gotta love Bogey and Bacall, right?

Next: Laura.


shady characters,
one soaks in his bath, writer.
other… a good cop?

I love this scene, but the whole movie is pretty brilliant. Especially the ending!

And finally: The Third Man.


500 years peace
brought us the cuckoo clock? sir,
you’re the cuckoo here!

Orson, you fiend! This flick is great if you love watching the light and shadows, the zigzagging lines, that feeling of being always off-balance. And, of course, it’s a story about a pulp fiction writer, so you’ll get some cheap thrills watching Holly Martins bumble his way through a murder mystery when his forte is clearly westerns. And did I mention the zither?

You can stream all of these flicks on Amazon, if you don’t already own them. Click the links I’ve included and away you go!

This was a fun exercise. I may have to write a few more of these noir haiku before the weekend is out. What movie would you recommend I try next?