Meet San Diego’s Nonfiction Authors Association chapter leader – me!

NFAAI joined the Nonfiction Authors Association earlier this year, and when I heard they were looking for local chapter leaders to start organizing monthly meetings I jumped at the chance.

Well guess what? Today it’s official: I’m the new chapter leader for San Diego!

The NFAA has posted an interview with me on their main site, so if you’re curious to know more about who I am and what I do – or want some writing and publishing tips – click here to read on.

If you’d like to join the San Diego chapter, check out our Meetup page for more information. It’s free to join the NFAA, so if you live in San Diego, I’d love to see you at our first meeting in July. We’re also going to be holding an informal mixer at the end of June (date TBA), so if you’ve got suggestions on where you’d like to meet up with fellow members for some casual socializing, feel free to message me.

Finally, if you’re a nonfiction author living in or near San Diego and would like to speak at one of our events, please contact me! I’d love to know more about who you are and what you do, and how we can work together to bring your message to the group.