#HumpDayReviews: Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

Indie authors have it tough when it comes to getting reviews. Sometimes it’s not for lack of trying – after all, it seems like there are thousands of review sites, with more and more popping up each day. But who are the people behind those sites, and what kinds of books do they like to read? Occasionally just wading through their websites in search of the most obvious answers can feel like a hunt for the Holy Grail. (And don’t even get me started on all the blinking, spinning and “glittery” GIFs…)

Luckily, you don’t have to wander the world-wide web alone, trolling Google for reviewers that fit your genre. Instead, you can turn to the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages, a resource now in its 6th edition.

Full disclosure: I’m listed on page 88 as an erotica and erotic romance reviewer. (My literary magazine, Black Heart, is also listed on page 52 for those looking for reviews in other genres.)

Since 2009, the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages has been an invaluable resource for anyone looking for targeted reviews. Instead of weeding through millions of websites in search of each one’s contact information and list of genres they review, the book spells everything out clearly for each review site included. Each site has its own page, all listings are presented alphabetically, and you can easily skip ahead if you’re looking for information about a specific outlet.

Information listed for each site includes:

  • Website URL
  • How long the site has been active
  • The name and best contact info for their reviewer(s)
  • Whether or not they’ll review indie, self-published or small press books
  • Genres reviewed
  • Genres NOT accepted
  • Preference for fiction vs. nonfiction
  • Whether or not the site reviews adult content or erotica
  • Ebook formats preferred (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)
  • Openness to hosting blog tours
  • Typical review turn-around times
  • Pet peeves to avoid
  • A list of places where reviews are cross-posted (online booksellers, Goodreads, etc.)
  • Any fees for additional promotional materials, and
  • Helpful hints and commentary about the reviewer or their website

I told you it was invaluable! This is basically the perfect insight into hundreds of different reviewer’s minds – including their individual quirks and preferences, right down to the things that most irritate them. No more wondering if you’ve inadvertently annoyed a reviewer – now you can easily sidestep big faux pas with a bit of reading.

Also included is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for writers seeking reviews penned by the book’s editor, Christine Pinheiro – which you can read here as a free preview.

At just $6.99 for the Kindle version or $14.95 in paperback, this book is well worth the investment. Updated yearly, it’s also a timely resource to keep on your desk whenever you release a new book.

So what are you waiting for?