Z words in Spanish to spice up your life: Sexy San Diego

While Zumba crossed my mind as the perfect Z word to end our Sexy San Diego journey – and, indeed, there’s no sign that this Latin-influenced dancercize craze is going to be over anytime soon – ultimately I’ve decided to offer you something far more useful than a list of classes.

That’s right: I’ve got a list of words that start with Z en español that will make your life sexy, spicy and far more interesting than your average Zumba class.

Unless, of course, your Zumba instructor looks like this:

For once, I agree with Esquire about their Sexiest Woman Alive.

First of all, let’s talk zapateria. Every woman loves this Z word, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Zapateria is Spanish for shoe store.

Along the same lines, you’d also do well to memorize zapatos (shoes) and zapatos de tacón alto (high heels). If you want stiletto heels, you’ll need tacón de aguja.

Some idioms that use the term zapato include:

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  • estaban como tres en un zapato, which translates as “they were packed in like sardines,”
  • meter a algn en un zapato, meaning “to bring to to heel,” and
  • saber dónde aprieta el zapato, which means “to know the score.”


Other useful (non shoe-related) Spanish Z words to know:

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  • zanahoria – carrot
  • zapallito – zucchini
  • zafiro – sapphire
  • Zambiano/a – Zambian (male/female)
  • ziper – zipper (you almost could’ve gotten that on your own!)
  • zombi – zombie (that one too!)
  • zona – zone (you’re on a roll with these!)
  • zoologico – zoo (hey-o!)
  • zorrino – skunk (didn’t see that one coming, did you?)
  • zorro – fox
  • zumbar – to hum
  • zapar – to sap or mine


And with that, I think I have zapped my Spanish Z words.

Thanks for following along on my A to Z Challenge, and if you’d like to read any of the posts you missed, just click here! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a recap about this year’s journey, along with some more sexy San Diegan reflections.

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