Underwear hunting in Sexy San Diego

While U can certainly stand for Underground – including literally below-street-level bars, as well as those just off the beaten path, I think I shall have to divert this conversation to something everyone really needs…


"Luxey by Lopshire" image by Flickr user Rob
“Luxey by Lopshire” image by Flickr user Rob

As previously mentioned, I almost wrote an entire week’s worth of underwear-themed posts for San Diego’s lingerie shops.

Instead, I’ve decided to list them all here. Mostly because U is a rather difficult letter, and I’m still racking my brain for something sexy for the letter Z next week. (Suggestions most definitely welcome!)

Here’s a quick list of all of San Diego’s underwear (aka lingerie) stores – in alphabetical order, of course! (And the shops without addresses have been written up in some of my previous posts, so be sure to click the links for more info.)

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Have I missed any of your favorites? Where do you like to buy underwear in San Diego?

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