Thads Swingers Club: Sexy San Diego

Thads Swingers Club is the only* licensed swingers club in San Diego, and has been around since 1974.

Just another ordinary house? Nope, this is Thads!
Just another ordinary suburban home? Nope, this is Thads!

The club has lots of private rooms, a couples-only area and group rooms, along with a dance floor, two dance poles, pool tables, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

As with all clubs, Thads has rules:

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  • For confidentiality reasons, they request that all party-goers use an alias and not hand out their phone number within the club;
  • Invitations must be requested over the phone (not by email) between 4 to 8 PM from Wednesday to Saturday;
  • It’s BYOB – which goes for drinks as well as towels and condoms;
  • No drinks that come to the party are allowed to leave the premises;
  • Upstairs is for couples only – no single men allowed by their lonesome (nor in a FFM threesome);
  • Dress code: men must be totally nude, women can wear lingerie or anything revealing and sexy – but no street clothes, with the exception of footwear.


And, of course, the most important rule: NO MEANS NO!

As they tactfully put it on their website:

We get many new couples and single ladies in the club looking to have their first swinging experience. The last thing they want to deal with is a pushy single. Be a gentleman. Use your charm, but if it’s not happening then that’s it. Many couples are only into other couples so don’t ever take it personal. Be social. Introduce yourself and just be you. Do not be pushy or tailgate the ladies.

Another unexpectedly good place to find out more about Thads? Yelp! Reviewer Knight S. says he used to work there, and offers plenty of useful info to those interested in taking the plunge.

Want to explore the sexy world of San Diego swingers? Thursdays are Ladies Nights plus “50 Shades of Thad’s” (featuring a St. Andrews cross, stockades, restraint bed, sex swing, etc.), and this Saturday, April 25, the club is hosting Glow, a black light-themed party. Ladies are instructed to wear white lingerie and “get creative.” Body paint will be on hand to mix things up. Be sure to reserve in advance for this special event.

Thads is located at 3517 E Street in Mount Hope. Call 619-237-8849 for more info, including rates and invitations.

*Actually, in addition to Thads, swingers can also visit Crave Lounge – a private, members-only “lifestyle club.”

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