Salsa with Silke: Sexy dance classes in San Diego

Happy Hump Day!

Today I’ve got a quick profile of Silke Miller (formerly Silke Heleine), a San Diego dance teacher who specializes in Sexy Dance for women, Salsa and Zumba. S’wonderful!


Silke is a Latin ballroom dance instructor, choreographer and performer originally from Germany. Inspired to take up dance by movies like Dirty Dancing and Salsa, she began taking lessons in Latin dance, performed as an amateur in Mambo and Salsa competitions, and eventually attained the highest ranking in Germany for her skills. She moved to California to dance with partner Tytus Bergstrom, winning several U.S. competitions together as professional dancers, and dancing professionally in the UK and Taiwan.

Silke retired from professional competition in 2003, in order to take up choreography and teaching, and moved to San Diego from the Bay Area in 2013. She currently offers Modern Sexy Dance classes for women on Wednesdays at Champion Dance Academy in Hillcrest (drop-ins welcome), as well as private lessons by appointment. She also teaches occasional Beginner Burlesque classes at Mind Body Soul Dance, and Latin Ladies Latin Styling at Ooh La La Dance Academy.

Want to learn to dance? Sign up with Silke and shake those tail feathers!

Champion Dance Academy is located at 3580 5th Street in Hillcrest. Mind Body Soul Dance Studio is located 2971 India Street in Middletown. Ooh La La Dance Academy is located at 7467 Cuvier Street in La Jolla.

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  • Guilie Castillo

    Wow… And they say white people can’t dance :D Speaking of labels, when I first came to Curaçao and met my now-partner, he was really surprised that I couldn’t dance salsa. He, a Dutch import, had been taking lessons for–oh, about six years at that point, and he was good. So I let him convince me and we started taking lessons together. What an awesome thing, salsa–and I wasted all those years not knowing how wonderful it was, haha.

    Thanks for the visit over at Quiet Laughter … I’m playing catch-up today ;)

  • Laura Roberts

    LoL! Guilie, I definitely can’t dance, so the theory still holds in my case. If I took up salsa, I would most likely end up tripping over my own feet – or crushing those of my partner. When dancing, I typically prefer to move my arms, rather than my legs. ;D