Romantic restaurants in Sexy San Diego: Oysters & chocolate

R should be an easy letter for my Sexy San Diego posts, right?


You see, my original post was going to be about a local sex shop called the Rubber Rose. Unfortunately, the boutique closed its doors in May of last year.


So instead, I will regale you with my thoughts on restaurants and romance – since we’ve already covered San Diego’s (former) Red Light District.

To me, the typical “romantic” dining spots are mostly not the types of places I would ever visit. After all, what makes a restaurant romantic? A sunset view of the beach? Maybe, but who wants to eat outdoors, or vie with all the other romantics for a spot by the window?

The Marine Room, 1949
The Marine Room, 1949

Okay, I would totally eat at The Marine Room for exactly this view. Particularly on Lobster Night. (You can also watch a video of the surf in action here, if you’re curious.)

Now, aphrodisiacs like oysters or chocolate, on the other hand, intrigue me. I have never eaten oysters, personally, so I did a quick search for restaurants in town serving shellfish. Interestingly, I discovered that you can actually get oysters for just $1 at many restaurants in San Diego. Eater has even compiled a list of the best, including Ironside Fish & Oyster, Fish Public, and Pacific Beach Fish Shop.

These are now on my Restaurant To Do List.

If chocolate is more your style, here are some sweet options:

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  • Attend a chocolate tasting at Dallmann Fine Chocolates – try wine and chocolate, beer and chocolate, cheese and chocolate, champagne and chocolate, or Scotch and chocolate!Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.39.01 PM
  • The Elegant Truffle – pretty much exactly what the name implies, it’s truffles galore in Point Loma
  • Eclipse Chocolate – try a tasting dinner at EC: Supperclub for chocolate, vanilla bean, or caramel in every plate, or go for the Chocolate Threeway to try chocolate, artisan cheese and craft beer
  • Chuao Chocolatier Café – take your taste buds on safari with chocolates featuring a fusion of flavors, designed by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi
  • The Chocolate Haus – enjoy decadent truffles or ice cream – or both! – from chocolatier Pete Close in Pacific Beach


Whether you’re a lady or a gentleman, they say the way to the heart is through the stomach. And although I typically prefer a good home-cooked meal to satisfy this universal truth, I do love a good piece of dark chocolate. So if you’re looking to impress a special someone in San Diego, those are some of my personal picks for romantic dining. Enjoy!

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  • Tim H

    Having to try the legend that is oysters I once went to a romantic restaurant (which btw, I believe the ‘romantic’ part really just meant expensive).
    It was a nice restaurant experience, but the last time I ate oysters. To me they tasted a bit like wads of salty mucus and were not worth the $3 a piece I paid.

  • Laura Roberts

    Ick! Well, at $1 a pop, I still think I will have to give oysters a try, if only to know what salty mucus I’ve been missing. ;)

    I tend to agree with you on the “romantic = expensive” thing. Hotels are probably the worst offenders in that category. I mean, who is really going to pay thousands of dollars for one night’s sleep? Plus, when you start watching all those exposés about how badly they are cleaned, you just get the heebie-jeebies…