Naughty nights at North Park Adult Video: Sexy San Diego

If you’ve been following along on my A to Z journey thus far, you may recall that my C entry – The Crypt – is an adult entertainment store (aka sex shop) in San Diego.

Not surprisingly, The Crypt’s owners also run a related business: North Park Adult Video.


First opened in 1978, this store offers adult video booths showing gay and straight XXX films, as well as a video arcade with thousands of adult videos and DVDs for sale and for rent.

To be honest, I’m impressed that San Diego still offers these kinds of adult viewing booths. It’s about as close to a live nude girls style peep show as you’re likely to come (or cum!) in SoCal. (Although some Yelp reviewers suggest you can still peep at Mercury Books, I haven’t yet had the moxie to verify this info with a personal visit.)

Rentals are $3 a night, with a $5 yearly membership fee. On Tuesdays you can rent films for two nights for the price of one!

North Park Adult Video is located at 4094 30th Street in – that’s right! – North Park.

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