Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue: Sexy San Diego

Get ready for triple D! No, not the Guy Fieri show: it’s the Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue.


The troupe originally formed about five years ago with seven members, including producers Ginger N. Whiskey and Bibi Bordeaux. Today the troupe consists of nine Dames: Donna DeMuerte, Valentina On The Rocks, Dottie Deville, Stella Foxtrot, Jacqueline Chaton, Dee V’Ous, Sassy Stiletto, and producers Ginger N. Whiskey and Eva Mae Garnet.

The Dames usually perform to recordings, as opposed to live music, and promote a classic 1950s-style of burlesque. Using the music of the era to inspire their routines, the Dames create an exquisite illusion for their audiences using costumes, props and overall ambiance. A typical show allows patrons to enjoy reveling in the golden era of burlesque, but in a modern setting.

Inspiration comes from legends of burlesque like Tempest Storm, April March and Toni Elling, among others.

Naturally, the Dames are glamorous and love to play with sexual innuendos and clever reveals in their acts, but they’re also classically trained dancers. Ginger N. Whiskey has over 15 years of training in ballet, jazz, modern dance and world styles.

For more information about the Drop Dead Dames (including red-hot pix and videos), check out dropdeaddamesburlesque.com.

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