Calling all #erotica authors: Let’s write a book together!

Do you write erotica? Have you published a book (or several)? Want to work together to help cross-promote each other’s work?


Here’s my idea: We should build an erotic anthology together.

D.C. Thome and I are currently in the process of putting together an anthology of sexy snippets from established and up-and-coming (or cumming!) authors. We’re looking for excerpts from your published books that are about 2,000 words long, that can be republished in a sampler with pieces from approximately 10 authors total.

Think box set, without the box.

If you’ve got a book you’d like to excerpt for this (as-yet-untitled) project, please send us:

  • A link to your book on Amazon (or anywhere else where copies are sold);
  • A couple of sentences about what makes a story sexy, or what makes a sexy story great;
  • Your (100-word) bio; and
  • Any social media links you’d like us to include

We’re most easily contacted through this contact form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

P.S. If your book has been traditionally published (as opposed to self-published), please be sure to contact your publisher before you email us about participating, as we are not lawyers, nor do we play them on TV. We are not looking to wrangle with rights issues, etc., so come prepped with a sign-off from them if necessary. Thanks!