#HumpDayReviews presents The Best Erotica of 2014

It’s that time of year again: time to write roundup posts about the Best Books of 2014!

As I mainly review erotica on this blog, I figured a Best Erotica of 2014 post wouldn’t be out of order. But I may slip in a few extras, just to keep you guessing.

Let the besting begin!

Best Office Affair

With a domineering lady boss, a manipulative male sleeping his way to the top, and a virgin in need of some sexual lessons, Dahlia Salvatore’s The Position makes one steamy interoffice memo.


Best Ménage / Best Pirate Erotica

I was swashbuckled by Normandie Alleman’s Bound by the Buccaneer, particularly the suprisingly sensitive all-pirate gangbang, and you will be too, matey.


Best Fairytale Fuck

Clearly, this award goes to Sydney St. Claire’s Red and Her Big Bad Dom, the second installment in the new Once Upon A Dom series. Who can resist a wolf in leather chaps – much less a meek geek turned fairy tale Dom?


Best Secret Sex Club

The best secret sex clubs are all about consent and open-mindedness, not just voyeurs and exhibitionism fueled by alcohol, drugs and decadence. Therefore, it’s a two-way tie between The Position‘s naughty club The Red House and the Once Upon A Dom series’ aptly named Pleasure Manor. Though I initially figured I’d be handing this off to Charlotte Howard for The Black Door, I much preferred Salvatore’s description of the kinky sex club Dylan must infiltrate in order to save his job, as well as Sydney St. Claire’s attention to BDSM details and fairy tale twist on the members-only sex club in Cinderella and Prince Dom and Red and Her Big Bad Dom.

Best Sex with Gods

Featuring honest-to-god gods (some Greek, some Norse), the clear winner here is Liz Meldon’s The Maenad of Manhattan. Aphrodite and Loki team up for some hot sex and a little paranormal detection. Bodices are ripped, furniture may or may not be decimated, but at least the isle of Manhattan remains intact!


Best Campy Horror Parody Featuring Boobs Front & Center

The winner in this category is actually a trilogy, but the first in the series – and the one I enjoyed the most – is called BigBoobenstein, and stems from the twisted mind of Jeff O’Brien. Though this series isn’t erotic, it does feature big boobs (and the pursuit thereof) quite prominently, which is reason enough to include it. Get your titty bingo on and download the whole set.


Best Paranormal Erotica

My first tentacle porn experience has been positive, as I’ve been talking up Lilia Ford’s Pet to the Tentacle Monsters! since I read it back in September. It’s just the right mix of sexy and perverse.


Best Holiday Romance

It’s a two-way tie between Winter Wonderland and Christmas Delights for me. I can’t say no to books set in ice hotels, nor (apparently) Victorian widows with an erotic agenda. Merry XXXmas indeed!

Best Comic Book Erotica

Or is it a graphic novel? Either way, the winner is Bettie Page in Danger (Vol. 4), which will expose you to the black-banged beauty as well as a whole host of vintage hoes in their full frontal glory. Watch out for the puns, which are faster and furiouser than a Vin Diesel flick.


Best Erotic Re-Release

Jeremy Edwards’ ode to old-timey radio plays, The Pleasure Dial, hits all the right notes. Originally released in 2011 by the now-defunct OC Press, this erotocomedy has been given a perky new cover and plenty of new life by 1001 Nights Press.


Best Erotic How-To

Definitely one of the most useful books I read in 2014, Tristan Taormino’s 50 Shades of Kink will teach you everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask your Mistress or Master) about BDSM.


Most Unique Erotic Adventure

If you haven’t read Cassie Alexander’s Choose Your Own Erotic Adventure story, The House, then you’ve been missing out. Place that gilded key into the front door and follow your own path to a secret garden of orgasmic bliss.


Best Bookish Fantasies

Not to mention the world’s subtlest plug… Book Lovers: Sexy Stories from Under the Covers (in which my short story “Open Letters to Famous Writers” appears) is the clear winner here. If you love books, and fantasize about your favorite authors in bed, then this one needs to be on your nightstand.


Best Erotica Series

My favorite series this year has definitely been the Once Upon A Dom series. Whether it’s the fairy tale angle, the masked ball and secret sex club tropes turned ever-so-slightly sideways, or the fun-loving, BDSM-friendly characters at play, I’m loving Sydney St. Claire’s approach to female desires and the men who help them achieve them in the bedroom. Check out Cinderella and Prince Dom and Red and Her Big Bad Dom to escape to Pleasure Manor for a wild weekend of your own.

Those are my faves from 2014, but what about you? Got any erotica recommendations for The Buttontapper? Tell me what you loved (and loathed) this year in erotic fiction!