#HumpDayReviews Halloween Special: BigBoobenstein by Jeff O’Brien

If you’re a fan of old horror movies, campy goth chicks like Elvira, or have ever wondered if there was something far more sinister than the simple reanimation of corpses going down in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, you’ll dig Jeff O’Brien’s perfectly Halloweenie novella – and the first in a trilogy of the same name – BigBoobenstein.

Part Frankenstein parody, part Bizarro fable, and 100% hilarious, you’ll find plenty of insanity packed into these 154 pages, including a demented doctor, a homeless man with a talking hernia, and a teenager who can save the day by masturbating.

If you’re already feeling addled, or have never indulged in the world of Bizarro literature, here’s what you need to know:

Poor Adelaide De Carlo is obsessed with breasts, thanks to her idiot boyfriend, Johnny, who’s cheating on her with two of the town sluts. (And no, I’m not just slut-shaming these bitches; they are, in fact, sluts. And bitches, too, but I digress.) In order to please Johnny and win him back, she decides to invest in breast implants at a suspiciously low price, to be installed by the equally suspiciously named Dr. Kuntz. But after her botched implant surgery goes even more awry than anyone could ever imagine (outside of a horror movie, that is), Adelaide morphs into the TIT-ular BigBoobenstein and there’s hell to pay for this woman scorned!

As the Amazon sales page for this book asks, “Is it really necrophilia if the corpse you’re fucking has been reanimated?” An interesting question, indeed, and just in time for All Hallow’s Eve! Adelaide is essentially a zombie, reanimated by the deranged doctor for dastardly purposes. Though I hesitate to give away a big plot twist, it’s clear he’s done this before, for some seriously sinister reasons. Adelaide turns out to be his finest creation, however – and not just because of her notable knockers. No, this gal is all woman, but she only truly comes into her own after death.

Which brings us to the question, is there life after death? In O’Brien’s weird and wonderful universe, there definitely is. In fact, it’s possible that the only people who are truly living in this Anytown, USA are the undead! Blame Dr. Kuntz, blame the Satanic rock ‘n’ roll music, or just blame the otherworldly trolls; whatever the case, it’s clear that death is just another part of life, and the coolest cats are whooping it up in zombieland.

Despite Adelaide’s superficial obsession with appearances, this book is an oddly feminist one. It ultimately takes the notion of getting breast implants for oneself instead of to please a man to its furthest extremes, and its stinger ending really nails it all into the coffin.

Once you’ve read the first installment of BigBoobenstein, you’re sure to become addicted to its particularly peculiar charms, so be sure to grab the next book in the series, The Groom of BigBoobenstein, as well as the final installment (so far), Daughters of BigBoobenstein. Happy Halloween!