My Coyote Ugly Life blog tour: An #excerpt and #giveaway


“How on earth do I get myself in these situations? I swear it’s like a never-ending bad dream. One of all my mistakes that continuously bite me in my size ten ass.”

Azaria “Ree” Gable had her one experience with heartbreak and that was enough for her. She’s perfectly satisfied with her “One Month Rule” and doesn’t need her life changing anytime soon.

When circumstances take her back home, she learns things have changed…

A lot…

First and foremost being with the complete and astonishing overhaul and revamp of the Belton Police Department, where apparently the application was changed to state “Ugly Men Need Not Apply” and the only requirement is “How Well Do You Look In This Uniform?”

Ree unexpectedly catches the eye of the new ‘gina-quiver inducing Chief of Police Grayson Cole, which starts an endless game of cat and mouse.

Will Ree let go of her misconceptions about relationships and allow Grayson to show her how beautiful life can really be?

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It’s now six o’clock and I’m sitting down to try to get
ahead on a little work for an author friend of mine that wants me to help her
come up with some graphics. I just get my program pulled up when the doorbell
I walk out of my office, turn and head to the door. I look
out the peephole and see Chief Cole standing there. I immediately duck down,
because everyone knows that cops can see through those little holes. It’s some
kind of special tactical training they have to go through at the academy. 
I, ever… so… quietly, walk backwards down the hall. Then
there is a pounding at the door (you know the one I’m talking about. Cop Move
2. The three quick pounds on the door that are able to wake the dead.). I
freeze and don’t breathe for a moment. Just in case.
“Ree! Open the damn door!” he says, sounding
I continue my mission impossible escape back into my office.
My desk faces the front windows, so I covertly move to the side that has the
string to close the blinds. I plaster my back against the wall and, slowly,
pull on the string. The blinds are on the opposite side from the string, and
they are almost all the way to me when a face appears on the other side of the
glass next to me.
“Aaaaeeee!” I scream out, hands flailing, ducking down and
throwing my hands over my head.
“Ree,” he says seriously; his voice muffled through the
glass, “Open the damn door.” 
I lift my head and look up at him through the window, “No.”
I’m pretty proud of the fact that my voice comes out strong and defiant,
despite the fact that I totally freaked out.
“No!” I stand up and put my hands on my hips. “You can’t
make me.” I grab the string and close the blinds the rest of the way, then go
back to my desk, sit down and decide to get back to work.
Except it’s kind of hard, knowing he’s just on the other
side of the window… 
Nope. Back to work. 
I bring up a couple pictures and begin to manipulate them. I
push away all thoughts of Chief Panty Melter and begin to work diligently. I
look at the clock on my computer, after what feels like an hour, and realize
it’s only been two minutes. I look back at my double monitors; I haven’t done
anything other than stare at the pictures. I can’t freaking concentrate!
Fuck it!
I get up and walk over to the window. I pull the blinds
apart and deftly look out. 
He’s not there. 
I open them further and look all around my front yard. There
is no trace of him. 
I mean, good. Yeah. It’s good news.
“Looking for something?”
“What the fuck!” I scream, spinning around, my hand flying
to my chest. Chief Panty Melter is leaning against the wall, arms crossed,
smiling at me. “How the hell did you get in here?!” I demand.
He tilts his head back, “Back door was unlocked,” he answers.
“So, you… you just came right in?” I demand, my voice a
little weak. Dammit. 
“Well,” he raises his brows, looks down at himself and the
fact that he is very much in my house, then looks back up at me, “yeah.”
“That’s a B&E and you’re a cop!”
 “And?” I jerk my head
back. “And?” I demand, getting closer
to him and in his face, “You can’t just
break into someone’s house
!” I screech, stomping my feet and holding my
fists tight to my sides, arms straight. 
He moves quick. Really
quick. One second, I’m in his face yelling, the next he has my back against the
wall, his body holding mine in place and his hands resting against the wall on
either side of my head.
His eyes roam over my face with an intensity I don’t
“Fuck,” he says quietly. “Has anyone ever told you how
unbelievably sexy you are when you’re mad?”
I blink.
I blink again.
One more time.
Did I just hear him right?
“What?” I breathe out in shock.
“Baby, I’ve never been more turned on than I am at this exact
fucking moment.”




My first book, Darkness Deserved, released July of 2013. It is the first book in the Shattering the Darkness Series.I’m crazy and love my friends, family and booze. I used to never read when I was growing up. My mother always tried to get me to read and I wanted no part in it. I figured why read when it’s going to be a movie? (Yes, like I said crazy.)

Well, a few years ago I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. I’ve always loved supernatural movies and when I saw the previews I knew I wanted to see it. And see it I did. I immediately went out and bought the books and became hooked.They came to me at a very special time in my life.

I discovered I loved to read and found my niche in the paranormal and romance genre. I started a book club with a cousin and all of a sudden these thoughts kept assaulting my brain.

So I wrote them down. Then, deciding that I wanted to write, I contacted some wonderfully amazing women who helped me through the process.

I now have three books under my belt and am still learning constantly.

The My Life Series is by far my favorite to write. There are some events in the story that are based on actual events that have happened in my life.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed living them.

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