#MarauderMonday: Ninjas in your kitchen

Clearly there aren’t enough ninjas in my life, and the universe is trying to send me a sign. One of my Facebook friends posted this today:


I have a birthday coming up in October, so add it to your shopping list! (Or, actually, you could whip it up at home, as it’s an Instructables project.)

Here are a few more ninja must-haves for the killer kitchen:

  • Ninja cookie cutters: Because cute cookies are a must, but these can also double as weapons if you sharpen the edges just right
Image via Almost20.com
  • Ninja mug: Scalding coffee doubles as a weapon – but if you see this ninja coming, it’s already too late!
Available from Amazon
Available at Amazon
  • Ninja bento: The ultimate surprise in your brown bag lunch!
Available at Bento & Co.
  • Ninja apron: Okay, so the true ninja wouldn’t need this Tactical Chef Apron, but sometimes you just need a bulletproof vest and someplace to stash your gear when you’re grillin’
Available at ThinkGeek
  • Ninja BBQ set: The perfect accompaniment to your apron – and just as deadly
Available at Amazon
  • Ninja corn skewers: For some reason, these come in a 2-pack of “Ninja vs. Pirate” skewers, but as we all know NINJAS RULE, PIRATES DROOL – especially when it comes to corn on the cob
Available at Amazon
  • Ninja mug + shuriken coaster set: Because as we all know, ninjas never simply drink tea – they’re always ready for a fight!
Available at Firebox

And of course no kitchen would be complete without a ninja cake:

Image via A Finger in the Pie

What kind of ninjas are lurking in your kitchen?