Hump Day Reviews: Bound by the Buccaneer

boundbythebuccaneerFrederica Beauchamp and Gaston Galette return to the high seas with lusty abandon in Bound by the Buccaneerthe second book in Normandie Alleman’s erotic Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy.

Taking up with the crew of the Ocean’s Knave where Rescued by the Buccaneer left off, Freddie and Gaston have their work cut out for them as the first pirate couple to set sail together. Having captured the Captain’s heart, Frederica now stands by his side as a pirate’s mistress, participating in the plunder. Instead of robbing innocent victims, however, the crew now relieves fellow pirates of their booty!

Knowing they’re doomed if they continue to make enemies of every pirate in the realm, they head to the Bahamas to strike a deal with three other ships’ captains. Naturally, nothing comes easy in the rough and tumble world of piracy, and the three captains demand a night with Frederica to prove she is Gaston’s whore and not his lover.

Frederica is at first appalled by the idea; she’s clearly in love with Gaston and thought her Master felt the same. He assures her this is purely a strategic move, but he has two days time to “turn her into a proper whore,” and so he teaches his newly deflowered companion to suck and fuck like a professional.

It’s a unique twist on the virgin/whore dichotomy, particularly when you consider the woman is about to engage in a foursome not long after she’s given Gaston her V card. Without giving away the outcome, let’s just say that these pirates are much more sensitive to a lady’s needs than their prickly exteriors might suggest – though certainly no less lusty for a fine wench!

If you’ve read the first book in the series, you already know that Gaston loves spanking Frederica, so it will come as no surprise that the paddlings continue in book two – though, thankfully, Frederica’s whining is cut to a minimum. In addition, you’ll also find more BDSM scenes between the lovers, including some rope games and light domination.

All in all, this installment contains plenty of hot, sexy scenes that will have you wanting to board the nearest seaworthy vessel in search of a dreadlocked, eye-patched pirate of your own. Or, perhaps, a dreamy blonde pirate like Captain Miles Appling, an attentive and experienced older man like Captain Pugwash, or even a randy young seaman like Edward Chatham? Plenty of gents to go around here, ladies, so take your pick!

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