July Camp Nanowrimo progress report

July’s Camp Nanowrimo efforts have not gone quite as planned.

It occurs to me that although I enjoy writing about sex, I don’t actually enjoy writing erotica. That is, I get easily bored when trying to write several sex scenes, one on top of the other, and trying to come up with new ways to describe the same old positions.

To me, the exciting part of writing about sex is all foreplay. Most of my best stories are more about the chase than the capture and inevitable outcome (and emissions). Some call it romance, I suppose. Others call it a tease. Whatever the case may be, I’ve grown tired of writing about the Happy Endings. And, therefore, my erotic works have stalled.

I have, however, jumped back to working on my Hack Your Love Life book, which is nonfictional, all about finding great apps to find love and improve your sex life, and should be finished by the end of July if I can stop writing this blog and get back to it already!

So, that’s my Camp Nanowrimo progress report. It’s a little different than I expected it to be, but hey – that’s life.

What have you been working on this July?

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