Erotic comedy: an interview with Heather Lane

I recently discovered that one of my fellow Iron Writers is also an erotica author, so I asked Danielle Lee Zwissler about her naughty alter ego, Heather Lane. Heather has been published in several holiday-themed anthologies, including Merry Christmas Erotica, The Sexmas Collection and New Year Nookie, and is also the author of Paper or Plastic?

Here’s what she had to say about writing dirty.

When did you start writing erotica, and what inspired you to do so?

I started writing erotica in 2011. I wrote a trio of stories and turned them in to Books to go Now! Publishing. Shortly after my submission, I received an acceptance letter! I wrote the stories for fun. My husband and I do a writing exercise each night, and the three stories that I sent in were formed by three “first sentences” that we came up with.

Who are some of your favorite erotic authors?

I don’t actually read much erotica, although I have a few fun ones that I have read in the past. One is a guy who writes erotic comedy such as myself. His name is Guy Randy. I also bought a few other books from some talented indie authors and, of course, I’ve read E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey.

Since you also write romance, how do you decide whether a book will include erotic themes or not?

I have to say all of my romance novels have eroticism. I think it’s important to create characters with true human characteristics. I just try not to be too graphic when it’s a romance novel. It’s less about the sex, but more about the touching. Little soft touches here, kisses on the neck, etc.

What turns your characters on the most, in your latest story?

long-ride-homeIn The Long Ride Home there is a scene where they are having phone sex. To me, that is one of the kinkiest things you can do, describing every touch, every feeling. In my latest romance, everything is a turn-on because the characters have waited a LONG, LONG time.

In my latest erotica the characters are turned on by costumes. (You had to ask, didn’t you?) There is a costume party, and later the characters agree to meet once more, but blindfolded to conceal their identity. The turn-on is not really knowing who you are having sex with, fewer inhibitions.

What do you think makes a good erotic story?

To me, it’s all about the storyline. I can’t watch porn unless the storyline jives. I’m not even joking. I can’t stand watching erotic scenes when they don’t make sense. Erotica also has to have good names for genitalia. I can’t stand when authors mention “throbbing manhood” five hundred times. Get creative with it, but also just be real. This is literature that is supposed to get you in the mood or take you to a fantasy, not put you to sleep.

What’s your favorite euphemism for genitalia?

Ha! I just mentioned genitals above. I’d have to say “hot box” which I read in a story off of Wattpad. And for a man, I’d say “pulsing baton.” (I kid you not!)

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