Loud and proud: I’m addicted to word games

Hi, my name is Laura, and I’m addicted to word games.

As a writer, I like to believe these strengthen my vocabulary and mental agility, so I justify my game playing as exercise for my brain. Yes, that 99¢ app was a business purchase!

I’ve tried a bunch, and although Letterpress is a longtime favorite, Word Roll has currently ousted it as my go-to game.

wordrollThe goal: Build words, Scrabble-style, on the board.

The twist: You can “steal” your opponent’s letters by crossing your words with theirs, and “lock” your letters by crossing your word with another of your own.

Bonus points: Available for 5+ letter words and hard-to-use letters like X and Z.

It’s super addictive, and you can have up to 5 games playing simultaneously with friends or random matches for free. Suck on that, Letterpress.

Wanna challenge me? My GameCenter user name is <(.NinjaGirl.)> if you dare.

What’s your favorite word game?

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