Sexy songs for setting the mood

I must admit, I’m picky about my music. To the point that if I’m in the middle of a great make-out session, and the song is just wrong, I will stop what I’m doing to change it.

And since finding a proper replacement could take hours, this is definitely to be avoided!

Maybe I’m just old school. I like to be wooed a little – who doesn’t? And when the music doesn’t match the mood, I tend to get turned off.

"The moment before the kiss" by Flickr user  Spyros Papaspyropoulos
“The moment before the kiss” by Flickr user Spyros Papaspyropoulos

There’s an art to making a sexy playlist that will set the mood for love. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely mastered it – after all, tastes do vary – but I do know that if you leave these things up to fate or the fools they call DJs nowadays, you will find yourself in trouble with your date when something inappropriate like “Rape Me” comes blasting out of your speakers. (Why not put “Smack My Bitch Up” on your mix too, while you’re at it? This actually happened to me, back in the 1990s.)

If you’re looking to set the mood, here are my top 5 songs to get your lover’s lips fired up:

  1. Pretty much anything by Prince, especially “Kiss” – a nice equal-opportunity love song, with the opening line “you don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on”
  2. Portishead, “Strangers” – for those times you want to pretend to be – or be with – someone else… (actually, you can just put on Dummy and let it ride)
  3. Chet Baker, “You’d Be Nice to Come Home To” – don’t let any lyrics get in the way of your smooch-fest, just put Chet on and feel the groove
  4. Tom Waits, “Pasties & A G-String” – when you’re feeling burlesque, you’ll enjoy hearing Tom shout “raise my rent and take off all your clothes!”
  5. Chronomad, “Do” – another good lyric-free choice that’ll have you imagining you’re getting freaky with some belly dancers in a yurt somewhere in the Middle East with its funky beats and electrified instruments (for maximum pleasure, explore the entirety of Sokut during your boudoir sessions)

What are some of your favorite make-out songs?


  • Denise

    I won’t share mine. I expect the man to know, and if he doesn’t, he’s not for me. I agree about Chet and Waits, though.

  • Laura Roberts

    That’s a good point, Denise. My husband and I have a lot of similar musical preferences, which is probably why we get along. The only thing I don’t care for is his penchant for listening to the news and assorted talk radio shows in the morning. What a bad way to start the day!

  • Emerson Dameron

    A former coworker had a date with a guy who, as make-out time approached, put on Kind of Blue. She mocked him for this relentlessly.

    So don’t be predictable.

    My particular favorite is Dam-Funk’s Toeachizown album.