Of BFFs and “Your Perfect Life”

your-perfect-lifeWow! Last night I attended an online interview with the two authors of the debut novel Your Perfect Life, Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke. This is the second author interview I’ve virtually attended, courtesy of Booktalk Nation, and I have to say it was quite inspiring.

Co-authors Liz and Lisa are childhood friends, just like the main characters of their book, Casey and Rachel. The basic premise of the book is that after attending their 20th high school reunion, these two BFFs wake up having physically traded places just like in all those awesome teen movies like Freaky Friday, 18 Again! and 13 Going on 30.

Seriously, is this book screaming “summer reading” or what?

I really enjoyed finding out how these two ladies worked together as writers (they each took one character, using a dual narrator setup, but ultimately admitted that since they’ve been friends for so long, they’re “the same person”), and I even got a chance to ask them what their favorite “trading places” movies were. (Freaky Friday rules supreme, although they differed on whether they preferred the Jodie Foster original or the Li-Lo remake.)

After getting to know a little bit more about these native San Diegan co-authors and their book, I decided to jump in and purchase a signed copy. I asked them to dedicate it to “Jenna & Laura – BFFs,” given the subject matter, and hope to share the book with my own childhood pal once I finish reading it.

Now the only question left is, how do I get my BFF to co-author a novel with me?