Beat that case of the Mondays with “Aux Champs-Elysées”

Drinking my coffee this morning, I’ve got Paris on the brain. That’s a good thing, given that my WIP is set in the City of Lights!

Here’s my Paris mug, keeping the caffeine flowing:

And this is the song currently playing in my head:

Not too shabby for a Monday. What city would you like to be transported to today?


  • Laura Roberts

    Definitely first class! Actually, I once flew back from Paris in the jump seat of an Air Canada jet and got the first class food and treatment from the steward serving the pilots, while my then-boyfriend was stuck back in coach in that middle section seating 5 or 6 people across. He was less than pleased that I was eating ice cream, drinking champagne and carousing with off-duty French pilots, but a girl’s gotta roll with the punches, right?