What’s a Button Tapper?

Whenever someone asks me for my email address or the name of my website, I usually get this question:

“What’s a Button Tapper?”

Some even pronounce it wrong, asking “What’s a Button Tapir?” I guess that’d be some sub-species of this cute little creature:

The elusive Button Tapir, absconding from his lair!

All joking aside, a Button Tapper is basically what it sounds like: someone who pushes buttons (or taps them lightly and rhythmically) for a living.

In other words, it’s a synonym for a Writer.

And what do writers do? They write! Hence today’s post, in which I introduce my audacious goal of writing a blog post every day – with weekends off for good behavior – for the next 90 days. Or until I run out of things to write about, which might actually never happen.

So why have I decided to test my writerly limits in this way? Three reasons.

  1. I like writing challenges, (see: NaNoWriMo, the 3-Day Novel Challenge, the Blogging A to Z April Challenge, #AStoryAWeek, etc.) and my summer could use a new one to make things official.
  2. I really enjoy blogging, but often get pulled away from it by my various other writing projects, and want to recommit to it.
  3. Blogging helps me connect with readers, something that’s been missing in my writing life lately.

Blogging daily used to be a big part of my writing routine, and it has slowly slipped out of my repertoire as I’ve moved onto other projects, so I’d like to get back into that habit of writing a post a day. Ideally, I want to blend my “private” writing (e.g. my current works in progress) with my “public” writing (e.g. blogging) in order to keep the stories fresh in my mind, and to give you guys and gals a chance to chuck some feedback at my head. (Please, no tomatoes.)

In short, I hope you’ll enjoy following me on my writing journey during the next 90 days – and beyond! And don’t be shy; bust out with your comments if the spirit moves you.

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