Hump Day Reviews: The Pleasure Dial

pleasure-dialJeremy Edwards’ latest book, The Pleasure Dial: An Erotocomedic Novel of Old-Time Radio, hits all the sweet spots with as many sex scenes as zany plot twists. Set in the 1930s and starring a cast of characters hard at work on an old-time radio series, the book is all over the dial with saucy scenes in the bath, bedroom and even the back lots of a Hollywood sound stage.

Artie Plask is the newest writer on the Sid Heffy show, and when he moves out to California to seek his fortune in radio, he really hits the jackpot. Between writing comedy gags poolside while the boss’s sex-positive daughter swims naked and letting his co-writer, Mariel, tickle his fancy with the feather from her cloche hat, Artie has plenty to love about his new job. But soon enough Artie finds himself inextricably intertwined with both women, both professionally and sexually, on the bumpy road to radio fame when Heffy fires his writing team and takes up the ill-advised goal of becoming a dramatic superstar. Quelle horreur! Will Artie and Mariel manage to convince Heffy to reconsider and re-hire the team, or will their lives take a spin around the dial for the worse?

A lighthearted take on the golden days of radio plays, both comedic and dramatic, The Pleasure Dial combines sex and silliness for a truly unique take on the historic erotic fiction genre. The sex is hot, the characters are lovable, and readers will surely walk away from this book with a strange new appreciation for mannequins. Crank up your stereo to 11 and read this on a sultry summer day with nothing on your mind but pleasure and sunshine, or rekindle your summer love in the bath on a cold winter night with Edwards’ engaging, erotic ode to a bygone era.