Hack Your Love Life: Glance on Google Glass

One of my current works in progress is an ebook entitled Hack Your Love Life, devoted to rounding up fun, educational and generally worthwhile sex-related apps for Android and iPhone/iPad. Since I’m trying to whittle down quite a vast selection of apps that do a whole slew of sexy things, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite finds as I go along.

So far, I’ve found that most sex apps fall into the following categories:

  • Dating
  • Hookups
  • Games
  • Educational, and
  • Just Plain Weird

The dating apps are pretty much what you’d expect; they’re typically app versions of dating sites, such as Plenty Of Fish, Match.com, OK Cupid and others. Hookup apps are equally straightforward, but instead of trying to find a date, you’re trying to match up with someone attractive for a little kinky fun time right here, right now. They’re typically going to be using your phone’s GPS to locate other horny users nearby, and then you start chatting within the app before meeting up someplace to do the deed.

Game apps seem mostly designed to appeal to a younger crowd, in much the same way older folks might remember playing Spin the Bottle or 7 Minutes in Heaven at boy-girl parties back in the day; these have simply been “appified” for modern times. And, of course, the educational apps aim to inform as well as entertain people with sex ed info that they’re probably not getting in school.

As far as the Just Plain Weird category, however, if there’s one that stands out as being one of the weirdest, it’d have to be Glance on Google Glass.


First of all, I don’t personally know anyone who owns a pair of Google’s infamous glasses (probably because they’re $1,500 a pop), so the thought of using Glass during sex is already weird in and of itself.

Secondly, the concept behind Glance on Google Glass is that each user can stream the view of the other, so you can effectively see what your partner is seeing as you get it on. As if sex wasn’t already complicated enough, now you can also be disoriented while fucking! Strangely, that doesn’t strike me as appealing.

Finally, unless you save your video, it supposedly disappears after you record it. The paranoiac in me questions where, exactly, this video is being stored as you’re recording it (presumably in a cloud somewhere?), and what kind of hackers it’d really take to start stealing people’s bedroom follies and posting them without authorization onto all manner of porn sites. Shiver.

So although the Glance app in and of iteself seems like a cool invention for sharing different perspectives with side-by-side video, the idea of taking it – and Google Glass – into the bedroom strikes me as much more invasive and creepy, like sex videos taken by a voyeur who fails to disclose his fetish up front.

But maybe that’s just me. What about you? Would you use Glance for Google Glass in the bedroom?