Hump Day Reviews: Men Are Like Wine

Welcome once again to Hump Day Reviews! This week I’ve reviewed a humorous wine/erotica book that takes literally the idea that “men are like wine.” Grab a glass of your favorite adult beverage, and let’s get right to the tasting, shall we?

men-are-like-wineA clever concept, Anne Violette’s Men Are Like Wine appeals to both wine connoisseurs and women in search of Mr. Right. Pairing descriptions of different wine varietals with their male character equivalents, Violette displays both her sense of humor and her wine knowledge, without falling back on the sort of stuffy comparisons favored by wine snobs, nor the weird “flavors” you’ve certainly never tasted. (Who wants to drink something that tastes like peat or dirt, after all?)

In addition to her down-to-earth wine descriptions, the book also includes a string of erotic stories about the type of men depicted in Violette’s descriptions, showing wine-loving ladies experiencing love affairs with guys named Pinot Noir (“the bad boy”), Chianti (“the player”), Chardonnay (“friends with benefits”) and more.

Interestingly, most of the preferred relationship wines seem to be red, while those considered mere flings are typically white. Is this a commentary on settling down with a grown-up red, rather than a flighty white? Is it perhaps due to red wine’s health benefits, which may compare favorably to those of a strong marriage? Whatever the case, ladies who love wine will enjoy finding out just what Violette thinks of their favorite guys – and beverages. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself making a switch in the bedroom as well as the wine cellar!

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