A postcard story

This week, my #AStoryAWeek was inspired by real-life events.

Last Friday I got a rather unusual postcard, via Postcrossing:

As you can see, if you click over to the Postcrossing site for some stats, the postcard claims to have been in transit for 348 days. Which is impossible, given that it was addressed to me at my current address – which I have only occupied for 3 months! Furthermore, I had moved not once but twice since the postcard was written and sent, so how would the sender have known where I would be living, almost a year later?

As Occam’s Razor points out, the simplest solution is often the best. Therefore, it seems patently obvious that this postcard was a message from the future and had traveled backwards in time to reach me!

I wonder what it meant to tell me?

So, playing with that theme, I’ve written a “postcard story” of about 500 words called “Post.”

What are you writing this week?