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Holy snowflakes, it’s December already!

I’m participating in the Christmas Paws Blog Hop (December 3 to 10), since I am a huge animal lover – as you may have noticed if you already follow me on Twitter. I’m constantly Instagramming pictures of my literary kitty, Nedward Carlos Nedwards (aka Ned). For instance:


And the ever-popular “mullet” pose (business in front, party in back):

I may have even started a Tumblr account in his name. (See: The Daily Nedwardian, for a not-at-all daily account of his antics.)

Ned is your typical Halloween Cat: inky black with golden eyes. I am pretty sure he has been moonlighting as a cover model for Martha Stewart’s Real Simple magazine, too, because when I saw this picture on the shelves of my local grocery store this October, I immediately headed home and demanded to know where he’d stashed his loot.

Ned's doppleganger. Someone owes me pet rent.
Ned’s doppleganger. Someone owes me pet rent.

Naturally, he’d already blown it all on organic catnip and twist tie toys that vaguely resemble spiders.

That darn cat!

Anyway, Ned is a special little guy who came to us from the mean streets of Austin, Texas. He was the runt of a litter of black kittens that my husband and I took pity on, feeding them some tuna as they congregated outside our apartment. Once the feeding frenzy was over, the rest of the gang popped off to their secret lair, but young Ned continued to hang out on our doorstep. We propped open the door and invited him inside, and much to our delight, he decided we were trustworthy and cool enough for him to move in immediately. Though he was straight from the ‘hood, he quickly took up the necessary domestic skills of a good housecat, and was litter trained after just one demonstration. What a smarty pants!

He also snuggled right into bed with us the very first night, without any prompting. Obviously, we made the right decision.

Ned enjoys Buddha's company.
Ned enjoys Buddha’s company.

Currently Mr. Ned enjoys perching on my desk to chatter at the multitude of crows that gang up outside our house, getting in several hours of cuddling per day, drowsing in the morning sun near the front door, or running and jumping into his kitty condo on a wild spree (usually in hot pursuit of said spider toys). He’s shy around other humans, but you can usually draw him out with some crunchy bacon or pieces of chicken. He also has a strange affinity for lunch meats (especially turkey).

All in all, I’d have to say that Ned is my favorite cat ever, and I hope reading this doesn’t swell up his furry little head too much.


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