It’s my birthday: here’s a gift!

35-excellenceToday is my birthday, and in honor of my achieving a combined total of 12,784 days revolving around the sun, I’ve decided to offer you some super-sweet coupons for my books.

Since I’m turning 35, you get 35% off each of the following titles:

Don’t you wish I was turning 100? All in good time, my dears!

Here are the codes you’ll need to score:

  • Naked Montreal Part 1: FU86N
  • Naked Montreal Part 2: VK48M
  • The Vixen Files: AR74U
  • The Portable Laura Roberts: EH25D
  • Ninjas of the 512: WP46N

This groovy deal is only available through Smashwords, thanks to their spiffy coupon generator, so hit the links above to go straight to the titles you want, then be sure to copy and paste the codes at checkout for your discounts. Sale runs the length of my birthday week, so these expire on October 20, 2013. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy some of my books this week!