Let’s get Naked!

This Monday I posted the last installment from chapter one of Naked Montreal, Part One. Today, I have good news:

Naked Montreal is now available for purchase at Amazon!


I’ve decided to break the book up into four parts, publishing them one at a time as they’re finished. You can jump in at any part of the novel for just 99¢, and once the whole book is complete, I’ll release an “omnibus” edition with all four parts together.

So if you’ve been holding your breath for this novel, the wait is – at least partially – over. Grab a copy here, and tell me what you think!

P.S. Don’t panic if you don’t own a Kindle; you can download Kindle for PC for free with this link and read right on your computer, or read it online at the Publification website.


  • Graham Strong

    Hey Laura,

    Congrats! Just bought my copy,

    Wanted to point out too that along with Kindle for PC, there is also a Kindle for iPad app, which is what I usually read my ebooks on.

    Looking forward to reading the first volume!


  • Laura Roberts

    Good point, Graham. I was trying to give people who don’t own any e-reading devices a bit of a heads-up that they could still read my ebooks, since I’ve had a few people sigh that since they didn’t have a Kindle, they couldn’t check it out.

    I hope you enjoy part 1! :)