Strangers with candy

I know your parents probably told you never to take candy from strangers, but in this case, I’ve got a good exception:

I’m almost up to 1,500 Twitter followers, and I want to hold a giveaway.

So, if you are not already following me on Twitter and would like to be rewarded for joining my collection of writers, artists, editors, freelancers, freaks, geeks and otherwise awesomely random bunch of tweeps (that’s “Twitter” + “peeps”), just make your way to my profile @originaloflaura and hit “follow.”

BAM! You’re entered into the giveaway, just like that.

I’m 35 tweeps away from 1,500, so get on this chocolate loveboat today!

Your potential prize:


Ghirardelli Milk & Strawberry bar, retail value of $3.95. A tasty chocolate bar with strawberry filling, made by one of my favorite chocolatiers. Yes, I will send this to you if you’re my 1,500th follower. Even if you’re Canadian. Or in the UK. Or China. Or wherever. As long as it’s not going to melt before you get to eat it.

See you on Twitter, and don’t forget to say hi!