My 2013 writing goals

It’s 2013 – time for everyone to take stock of their lives and come up with some writing goals! (But please, leave your livestock alone.)

I’ll be rejoining the Book In A Week writing community in 2013, with its monthly writing challenges, and I posted the following yearly goals at the site:

  1. Edit The Vixen Files ebook for print
  2. Finish Naked Montreal by posting weekly 500-word excerpts on my blog, serial style, until it’s done
  3. Write a sequel to my ninja novel, Rebels of the 512 (20k)
  4. Write one haiku per day

To this end, I will post my first Naked Montreal excerpt here on January 7. You can follow along each Monday as I post another 500 words from the novel, in serial fashion, until it’s done. It’s like walking a tightrope without a net!

So what are your goals – audacious or humble – for 2013?