Pardon our dust

We’re currently renovating this site, so please pardon our dust!

If you’ve come to check out our submission guidelines for the DAMNED DAMES anthology, please click here.

Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned to this space for exciting new developments within the week.


  • Graham Strong

    “Pardon Our Dust” — I love the tongue-in-cheek formality of that.

    I was instantly reminded of a sign I saw in the front window of a shop in London that said, “Our apologies for any inconvenience during shoplifting” — it took us a few beats to realize they meant renovations. In those moments, we acted out this scene with some tall, Python-esque manager in a polite English accent: “Um, excuse me, hate to bother, but I noticed you took that teacup without paying. Awfully sorry, but I’ve had to call the police. Would you care for a biscuit while we’re waiting?”

    Love the “shoplifting” at your site so far!


  • Laura Roberts

    Thanks, Graham! I definitely would have been taken aback by a sign about inconveniencing shoplifters; what a strange way to describe renovations. But certainly cause for a Monty Python sketch. :D