27 crime authors, 1 deadly deal

[NOTE: Sales levels updated July 20, 11:11 AM]

Exciting news: My NOIR anthology is currently being featured as part of the first-ever fiction bundle being offered at Groupees.com!

The NOIR anthology is a great collection of established and up-and-coming crime fiction writers, which I published last year with my friend and co-editor Jimmy Callaway. The ebook is normally $2.99 all on its own, via Amazon, Smashwords or straight from the Black Heart website, but guess what? Now you can get this amazing anthology PLUS five additional books for whatever price you choose.

Now that’s a summer reading deal!

In case you’ve never heard of them, Groupees is a site where you can name your own price when buying indie media. Though they have mainly focused on musical offerings thus far, today they’ve launched the first ebook bundle, which includes a whopping 27 crime fiction authors all in one place.

The Crime Fiction Ebook Bundle includes all of the following books:

  • My awesome NOIR anthology;
  • 4 Funny Detective Stories Starring Maynard Soloman by Benjamin Sobieck (the fabulous organizer of this deal, so you’ll see more of his name later on);
  • Kick It With Conviction by Fiona “McDroll” Johnson;
  • Cleansing Eden: The Celebrity Murders by Benjamin Sobieck;
  • Wild Bill by Dana King; and
  • Banal by Vincent Zandri

Depending on how much you decide to pay for this amazing bundle, there are also added bonuses available. Once the bundle reaches a total of $250 in sales, additional books will be “unlocked” for those who’ve bought in. At the $250 level you’ll also receive 4 Odd Crime Stories by Benjamin Sobieck. At the $500 level you’ll get another book by Ben, Maynard Soloman Legalizes Gay Knot-Tying. At the $1,000 level you’ll receive my Montreal Stories, a collection of humorous erotic stories. And at the $2,000 level you’ll receive Ben’s book Maynard Soloman Takes the Bus to a Strip Club.

Additionally, the top contributor overall will receive an autographed, one-of-a-kind, handmade by the author print edition of Wild Bill by Dana King. How cool is that?

And, if all of that wasn’t enough to convince you, there’s this: 20% of the total sales will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation. Good summer reading and a good cause at crazy prices—how can you say no?

Obviously, this deal can’t last forever, so hit up the Groupees site and name your price by July 31 to enjoy this crime fiction bundle.