Rocking the radio: Writing On The Air, April 4

Ever wondered what writers sound like when they’re talking about their books instead of hiding in some Apocalypse-proof bunker writing them? Then check out KOOP’s “Writing On The Air” program every Wednesday, where host Francois Pointeau interviews all manner of writers (including songwriters, actors, novelists, poets and more) about their work and creative process.

I’m excited to be next Wednesday’s guest (on April 4), where I’ll get to talk about Rebels of the 512, the 3-Day Novel Contest that inspired me to write it, and some of the Austin connections and ninja hideouts mentioned therein. I’m also going to be reading excerpts, and trying really hard not to cuss on the live show. (Just kidding, mom!)

To listen in, Austinites can tune their radio to 91.7 FM from 6 to 7 p.m. local time. Elsewhere in the universe, you’ll have to calculate your relation to the Central U.S. time zone to catch the show live at this address.

In the meantime, be sure to check out for more information about the show or to listen to some of their cool past guests.


  • Johnny A.

    You should record your interview and have it available here as a podcast, so that it’d be available for future generations (and people like me too lazy to listen to it live).

  • Laura Roberts

    Oh, I’m definitely going to get a copy of the podcast, Johnny. Writing On The Air records all their shows, so I’ll post a link once it’s online. (I am pretty lazy about listening to live shows myself, to be honest.)