Get drunk with WriteByNight’s book club this April

If you’ve ever considered joining a book club but have been put off by the stuffy nature of reading Oprah’s picks with tightly-wound grannies, fear the book club no more!

This April I’ll be hosting WriteByNight’s virtual book club, a sock-rocking group that meets once a week on the WBN blog to talk about books. It’s exactly the opposite of stuffy, and since I figure most of us are already posting while imbibing, I’ve chosen Lüc Carl’s kick-ass new memoir The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds… Wasted as our selection.

That’s right: we’re going to be reading a book about how to get fit even if you love sloppy cheeseburgers, tequila shots and partying your face off. I figure this book is right up a lot of writers’ alleys, kicking over their trash cans at 3 AM, given some important similarities between party-going club hoppers and writers who enjoy their whisky straight, no chaser. Hey, man, no judgement. After all, we writers are not exactly well-known for our, er… svelte, fit physiques, given our sedentary lifestyles of gluing our asses to our chairs for 15 hours a day, stopping only to reach out for more coffee, booze or Little Debbie snack cakes.

Carl’s book should appeal to vast swathes of readers, as it’s part metalhead memoir, part how-to/self-help/diet book with a pull-no-punches and pull-yourself-up-by-your-Doc-Martens approach. It’s also jam-packed with F-bombs, so don’t say I didn’t warn you, but don’t let it turn you off, either. The “What The Fuck Is…?” sidebars sprinkled throughout offer explanations of healthy-living jargon that are equal parts hilarious and informative.

Overall it’s quite the page-turner. I finished reading it in just two days, so surely you can spare a couple hours for a book whose author makes the bold claim that he is “the sexiest motherfucker alive.”

Oh, and did I mentioned that when you’re finished you can even tell the author what you thought of his (awesome) book? Yep, I plan to interview him for our third installment, so if you’ve got any burning questions for Lüc (and you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be asking about his nifty umlaut), feel free to shoot ’em through the contact page for inclusion.

See you at the WBN book club on April 10, 17 and 24!