The sweet, sexy smell of victory

PayPal has backed off its censorship crusade, under pressure from a wide variety of fiction writers and literature lovers! As reported in the Mercury News, the credit card companies PayPal was citing as the driving force behind their campaign have all denied involvement in the bizarre quest to shut down Smashwords writers for including rape, bestiality or incest in their fictional works.

Now the payment processor says it will stick to hunting down “illegal images.”

I guess this means they’re going to have to buy copies of every single potentially infringing work in order to find out whether there are any illegal images in them, right? Sounds like a lot of trouble for a business that’s only meant to allow smooth payment processing, not police the contents of products being sold.

But hey, good luck with that, guys. I look forward to seeing your paycheck from the sale of my 12 titles go through any day now.