Leap Year deals


Deals like this only come around once every four years! That’s right: my book, Rebels of the 512, is available as a free download today at Amazon. So if you’ve got a Kindle and want to read my book for zero dollars and zero cents (no catch, no fine print), you should hit this link and download it stat.

Rebels of the 512 is also available in all other non-Kindle formats for free, today only, from Smashwords by clicking here and using coupon code FF48L.

And for those who like to read books the old-fashioned way—in print—you can snag a copy of my book for only $4.99 (normally retails at $7.99), today only, via CreateSpace!

Like I said, these are deals that come around only once every four years. The planets are in alignment, so take advantage of one or all of my Leap Year deals today, and be sure to tell your friends to pass along the good karma!